Explore the World with Our 1000W Folding E-Bike

We at Ebikesz know how important it is to get the ideal 1000 watt folding electric bike for your needs. We've done a number of research to provide you an incredible electric scooter—a wonderful development in the electric scooter industry. For both adults and teenagers, this lightweight, environmentally friendly e-scooter, or 1000 watt foldable e-bike, is a practical and affordable mode of transportation.

Free Shipping Service

Products from Ebikesz may be sent to several nations, including the USA, Canada, and Hong Kong. to simplify and expedite the shipping of our items and to offer superior post-purchase customer care.

For this reason, we provide free delivery. With the exception of distant nations or areas that need remote fees or are inaccessible to logistics. Sellers are responsible for paying shipping costs and taxes associated with their products; purchasers are not obligated to do so.

Order Processing Time

From Monday through Friday, we start working on your order three to seven days after you make your purchase.

You will receive an email confirming the processing and dispatch of your order along with a tracking number. Order real-time tracking details will be updated upon delivery of your package by train or sea to your nation. Your package will be delivered by a logistics provider, which will thereafter update the tracking details. For updates, you may look up your order tracking number.

Delivery Times

To guarantee that your e-bike reaches your home as soon as possible, we will give priority to shipping from the product warehouse nearest to the delivery destination. influenced by the distance between the product warehouse and the destination country, as well as by the logistics company's service policy and the destination country's logistics policy. The delivery window has a minimum of three to five working days and a maximum of four to six weeks. To check the delivery time to your country, please click this link.

Detachable Lithium Battery, 48V/20AH

outfitted with a 48V/20AH Samsung/LG lithium battery to guarantee exceptional performance and a long lifespan.With pedal assistance, the single range can reach up to 72+ miles (116+ km) each charge, and with pure electric power, it can reach up to 57+ miles (92+ km).

1000w foldable e-bike

Brushless Motor 1000W

You can effortlessly navigate steep slopes and rough terrain with the aid of this brushless geared hub motor, which has 1000W and 100Nm of torque and can reach speeds of up to 34 mph (54 kmph).Different speed limitations may be set for each Ebikesz e-bike. Lower speeds can be changed to accommodate your community's e-bike riding regulations.

LED Headlight with 48V Power

Compared to other regular headlights, the Ebikesz independent R&D headlamp has a 25% higher brightness. Enough light to provide better visibility and your safety when cycling at night.

Shimano 160MM Disc Brake E-bike available

With its 160mm disc brakes on both the front and back wheels, the Shimano brake system offers enough stopping force, reliable stopping performance in all weather conditions, and enhanced control over brake power for a range of riding styles.

LCD Vibrant Display

Compared to other displays, the LCD colorful display has a stronger visual impact. Its screen is brighter and crisper, and it can clearly display information about gear, speed, distance, and other factors even in poorly light environments.

The display has a USB charging connector so you may charge other mobile gadgets or your phone.

Ebike electric bike with vibrant display ideal for hunting

Up to 160 pounds of weight may be supported by the robust aluminum rear rack. You can carry objects of various kinds and sizes, pick up and drop off loved ones, and transport your kids from school.

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